Vickers MKI 303 Heavy Machine Gun C&R All Original WOW



Vickers MKI 303 Heavy Machine Gun C&R All Original WOW

This is an awesome package !  It was originally manufactured in 1917 and went to Portugal to get inventoried after WWI then eventually it came to the United States 1


  • Includes 3 extra barrels, one is 8mm and has a lock and feed block for it.
  • Original Chadwick illuminated aiming module. (you would put two of these out to establish a firing cone vector, then pull the cord to turn them on… and fire back and forth between the lights) Super rare I understand.
  • 4 original ammo boxes – 3 are full belts (2 with new ammo, the aircraft box is original ammo) 1 additional fabric belt (750 rounds of ammo total included – .303 brit)
  • Vickers oiler box w/cans
  • British MG marked condenser can – broad arrow stamped and dated from the 50’s
  • Spare firing pin
  • Original condensing house
  • wrench
  • spring tension-er
  • The ammo can hanger … is the only reproduction item here. Made in the 90’s I believe
  • Gun, all parts on it including top cover, lock and tripod are matching numbers. Looks like the actual cradle is a few years older though, marked 1915 and has a different serial number. I’m sure it’s original to the gun however when it was put together and boxed, then shipped to Portugal originally.


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