IMI UZI SMG w/ Folding stock and RMR



IMI UZI SMG w/ Folding stock and RMR


Born From Battle

Uzi is a rarefied name among gun owners for good reason because of its distinct history. At the time of the creation of Israel and her War for Independence in 1948, Jewish settlers and troops were armed with a hodgepodge of weaponry scavenged from the remains of war-torn European arsenals. Following the war, the need for a domestic arms industry became obvious. The resulting 9mm Uzi submachine gun was the 1950 brainchild of Major Uziel Gal, and the platform was first issued to the Israeli Defense Forces in 1954.

This easy-to-produce, open-bolt 9mm submachine gun was simple, durable, reliable and effective. Women loved it too. It is also undoubtedly the most popular submachine gun ever made. Success breeds innovation, and soon special operations units were asking for something smaller. Thus the Mini Uzi, and after that something even smaller, the Micro Uzi


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